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31 thoughts on “PORTRAIT 15

    • Thank you very much thats my fav too!

      My Photography Philosophy:
      1. Put nice subject in and remove ugliness from the frame
      2. Human subject often make the photo look more interesting
      3. Capture uncommon subjects and background
      4. Follow the rules and break the rules at time
      5. When taking portrait you have to become a director and less on photographer

      My Photography Philosophy II:
      1. Capturing depth and curves, makes photo more interesting
      2. One of the objective in post processing, is to direct the eyes of the viewers to what you want them to focus in
      3. I always have that final image in my mind of the subject before I even photograph it
      4. Good composition sense is a skill which worth more than having the best camera in your hand
      5. Never be afraid in not having a good camera, but be afraid in not having good composition sense (therefore practice, practice, practice)

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  2. I love the photograph of the young child, it speaks volumes. I even like how his facial expression is the opposite of the saying on his shirt, “Smile, Don’t cry”. Great work!

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